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Core Competencies

We undergo a detailed review of your business or projects objectives to establish your needs.

Stage 1 – Identify

The first stage of this process will help you to identify and understand the gaps within your business or project. A series of activities will be undertaken and a gap analysis will be completed with a detailed summary report attached. This report will provide a set of actions or strategies to implement (stage 2) within your business.

Stage 2 – Implement

Implementation of the strategies identified can bring change to help improve you business, project delivery or help solve a problem. These changes can occur to policies, management structures, development, budgets, processes and services. Our aim is to help you improve the work environment and or the customers experience. 

Stage 3 and ongoing – Monitor

Our management team will work with you to review the ongoing performance and all the initiatives are working  to allow the business is continually move forward.

List of services

FM Strategy
Development and delivery of solutions for safety, systems, facility maintenance, resource management, change management, project management, CAPEX, and workshops for community groups, commercial, industrial, residential, and aviation clients.

Systems and Software
Our cloud-based software is fully scalable and can be customised for maximum operational efficiency.

Asset and Lifecycle Planning
Improvement of business continuity including the ability to monitor and manage critical infrastructure.

Change Management
Improvement of organisational efficiency and space allocation.

Planned and Preventative Maintenance
Elite FM will audit existing facilities and schedule maintenance.

Procurement Services
We help to identify opportunities and undertake tender scope development, tender review, and assessment.

Quality Assurance Systems and Processes
Our systems and processes include risk assessment, compliance, and best practice.

Financial Forecasting
Detailed financial budget forecasting including CAPEX and OPEX.

Lease Reviews and Negotiation
Our experienced team will work with you to find the most reasonable terms.

Client-Side Project Management
Elite FM carries out project management on both major and minor projects. We work with clients to understand capital requirements and expectations and meet cost, quality, and project deliverables. (QBCC license #15071063)

COVID Compliance
Our COVID compliant solutions get smaller businesses that lack centralised administrative functions back up and running and COVID compliant as quickly and safely as possible.