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Outsourced Facilities Management 

Elite FM provides world-class service, subject matter expertise

and resources that can save you time and money


ELITE FM provides a comprehensive, cost-effective fully integrated or outsourced facility management service to small to medium sized businesses across Australia. We offer tailor-made solutions to fit your needs and requirements and pride ourselves on delivering a unique outcome for each client 

Our facility management services cover conception to delivery – underpinned by FM strategy, tender preparation, procurement and execution. We also offer project management services for new and current projects. If you are looking for a option to drive your core business forward while we manage your buildings and environment talk to us about our experience and industry connections.

Our FM services are designed to reduce your overall operating costs while enhancing your professional image. We use our leverages across our clients requirements to ensure that we get you the best rates and returns on your investment. 

We are in the business of supporting your business. Whether you require one-off consultation on a specific project or fully integrated facility management services, our team of experience, highly-skilled facility management professionals are available to help you and your team get the best results.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne our clients can be confident of having the right people on the ground wherever they are needed. 

We work with leading cloud based platforms to deliver seamless integration of facility management services across our clients businesses with a focus on risk mitigation and audit reporting to highlight critical areas and determine priorities to enable budget and resource planning. 

Tender Preparation


Elite FM can assist in the development and delivery of tender documentation and procurement and encompass the following services:

  • Develop the scope and RFI documentation
  • Prepare tender packages against asset requirements
  • Prepare technical specifications
  • Prepare and recommend forecast expenditure
  • Review tender documentation
  • Co-ordinate and issue tender packages to relative service providers
  • Respond to tender enquiries
  • Assess tender and provide recommendations
  • Assist in the preparation of contract documentation
  • Award service contract

Facilities Asset Management Planning


We can ensure your premises are fit for purpose, safe to use and managed in the most cost efficient way.

Elite FM can assist you in building a Facilities Management Asset plan that will assist in budget planning, decision processes, adherance to local and state legislation and ensuring you get the longest life out of your assets. Our expertise in leases can ensure that your mainenance responsibilities are matched by your landlord, or tenant.

We work with local clubs and other volunteer run organisations to help deliver a cost effective management tool that will have your club running at optimum performance for both members and the committee.